Henri Matisse - Studio, Quay of Saint-Michel 1916

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Studio, Quay of Saint-Michel 1916

Studio, Quay of Saint-Michel 1916
146x116cm oil/canvas
The Phillips Collection, Washington

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From The Phillips Collection, Washington:
Henri Matisse integrates representational and abstract styles in this austere painting, which reflects the themes of the artist’s studio, the picture within a picture, the artist and his model, and the open window. With its radically simplified vertical and horizontal architectural elements, this work shows Matisse’s studio at 19 quai Saint-Michel in the heart of Paris, painted during the late winter or early spring months of World War I. His favorite model of the time, Laurette, whom he recorded in a series of almost 50 works, reclines on the couch. Shadowed areas above her indicate alterations to her form. Through the window, the Palais du Justice and Sainte Chapelle buildings also show signs of reworking. Areas of shadow in the lower portion of the window suggest that balcony grillwork was attempted and then later discarded.