Henri Matisse - The Gourds 1916

Portrait of Saul Stein 1916 Sleeping Nude on a Red Background 1916 Studio, Quay of Saint-Michel 1916 The Gourds 1916 The Italian Woman 1916 The Moroccans 1916 The Piano Lesson 1916
The Gourds 1916

The Gourds 1916
65c80cm oil/canvas
Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA

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From the Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA:
Describing Gourds in 1945, Matisse recalled that he had created "a composition of objects that do not touch—but nonetheless participate in the same intimacy." Its surface reveals that he achieved this effect after repeatedly adjusting and transposing forms. The austerity and monumentality of the canvas are complementary to The Moroccans, also of 1916. These qualities may have helped Matisse develop the luminous aspects of the larger canvas. In Gourds, he explained, he began "to use pure black as a color of light and not as a color of darkness."