Édouard Manet - A young man peeling a pear 1868

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A young man peeling a pear 1868

A young man peeling a pear. Portrait Of Leon Leenhoff 1868
85x71cm oil/canvas
Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden

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From Nationalmuseum, Stockholm:
The boy peeling the pear is Léon Koëlla Leenhoff, the son of Manet's wife Suzanne Leenhoff. But this is not just a straight-forward portrait. The artist was probably inspired by everyday scenes in older paintings – kitchen interiors, still-lifes or portrayals of various household chores. These were popular subjects in France in the 19th century. Anders Zorn acquired the painting on a visit to Paris, and donated it to the Nationalmuseum in 1896. Thus, the museum obtained its very first work by an artist in the Impressionist circle.