Édouard Manet - Jetty at Boulogne 1868

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Jetty at Boulogne 1868

Jetty at Boulogne 1868
59x73cm oil/canvas
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherland

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From Van Gogh Museum,:
This harbour scene shows a view of the northern French resort of Boulogne-sur-Mer, where Edouard Manet sketched the jetties and the holidaymakers in the summer of 1868. He took the sketches back to his Paris studio, where he used them to compose this painting. What seems at first sight like a spontaneous snapshot has, therefore, been painstakingly constructed.
The azure water and strolling figures create a vivid impression of a summer's day at the seaside. The painting’s greatest appeal, however, lies in the way the jetties are depicted: they bisect the picture plane horizontally, while the mast of the sailing boat moored between them does the same vertically. The taut lines and abrupt cropping create a bold composition, for which Manet might have drawn inspiration from Japanese prints.