James McNeill Whistler - Tanagra 1869

Three Figures Pink and Grey 1868 Fantin Latour drawing Sun 1869 Morning Glories 1869 Tanagra 1869 Harmony in Flesh Colour and Red 1869 Arrangement in Black. Portrait of F.R. Leyland 1870 Street in Old Chelsea 1880
Tanagra 1869

Sketch of a Figure with Flowers and Japanese Fans.
Tanagra 1869
20x31cm oil/canvas
Maier Museum of Art, Lynchburg, Virginia

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From Maier Museum of Art:
Whistler exemplifies Western artists' interest in Japanese aesthetics. Incorporating Japanese artifacts such as fans and porcelain into his images, he also--perhaps most significantly--incorporated Japanese design sensibilities into his compositions. He certainly knew ukiyo-e prints, and also collected Japanese porcelain, silks, and bronze statuary.