James McNeill Whistler - Green and Violet The Evening Walk 1896

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Green and Violet The Evening Walk 1896

Green and Violet The Evening Walk 1896
12x21cm oil/panel
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas

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From Crystal Bridges Art Museum:
Green and Violet: The Evening Walk is a complex and energetic little picture that shows several sailboats in the distance and groups of people strolling on the beach. Whistler enhanced this sense of motion by placing the boats, set against a high horizon, on nearly the same level as the people, and constricting the space where the people promenade. A pier, jutting into the water, confines the beach and limits our view of the narrow strip of water beyond, which, in turn, further concentrates attention on the movement ashore. Whistler relied primarily on just three colors, and spread his paints thinly and fluidly—in long, ribbon-like strokes for the sky, water, and beach—with people, boats, and pier inserted by heavier vertical strokes.