James McNeill Whistler - Violet and Silver - The Deep Sea 1893

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Violet and Silver - The Deep Sea 1893

Violet and Silver - The Deep Sea 1893
50x73cm oil/canvas
Art Institute of Chicago

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From Art Institute of Chicago:
After years of painting seascapes on a significantly smaller scale, Whistler returned briefly to the large-format canvas to capture the effects of a hot summer day on the coast of Brittany. According to the Chicago collector Arthur Jerome Eddy, the artist painted this seascape while boating off the coast as a crewman steadied their vessel. This could account for the unusually broad handling of paint and thick touches of pigment apparent throughout the composition, particularly in the clouds and gently cresting waves. Even toward the end of his life, Whistler demonstrated his enduring passion for the myriad relationships of color offered by the ever-changing sea.
— Permanent collection label