James McNeill Whistler - Note in Red, The Siesta 1884

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Note in Red, The Siesta 1884

Note in Red, The Siesta 1884
21x30cm oil/canvas
Terra Foundation for American Art, Chicago

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From Terra Foundation for American Art:
Throughout his career, the female figure served as a medium for the development of Whistler’s art. In images ranging from formal, full-length society portraits to such seemingly private, sketch-like works as Note in Red: The Siesta, Whistler pioneered the theme of woman as decorative object. He was deeply influenced by the stylized, languorously elegant women pictured in the Japanese woodcut prints he admired, and his treatments, in turn, set a precedent for two generations of American artists. Nude or clothed, the recumbent woman, caught in an idle moment of private rest or reverie in the private setting of the bedroom or boudoir, was a particular theme to which he repeatedly returned.