Vincent van Gogh - Portrait of Pere Tanguy 1887

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Portrait of Pere Tanguy 1887

Portrait of Pere Tanguy 1887
92x75cm oil/canvas
Paris, Musée Rodin

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Julien François Tanguy (1825 Plédran - 1894 Paris) was a paint grinder, he sold art supplies and was also an art dealer, one of the first to offer Van Gogh's paintings for sale. His jovial demeanor and enthusiasm for artistry and artists made his shop one of the most favored art supply shops in Paris, and he was nicknamed Père ("Father") Tanguy. Maurer calls Tanguy a father figure who shared his food and money with artists and showed their paintings with pride. Tanguy took paintings as payment for paints, which Émile Bernard said made entering his shop in Montmartre, full of Impressionist paintings, like "visiting a museum". In comparison to her husband, Tanguy's wife was less cooperative and more concerned with clientele paying outstanding charges. When Tanguy died, his friends staged an auction for his widow.