©Pablo Picasso - A glass of absinthe 1914

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A glass of absinthe 1914

A glass of absinthe 1914
21x16x8cm painted bronze with absinthe spoon
Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA
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From Museum of Modern Art, New York:
Picasso cast six bronze copies of Glass of Absinthe from a wax original and decorated each of them uniquely. In this version he broke new ground by incorporating an existing object into his sculpture: a real absinthe spoon nestles between the modeled bronze sugar cube and glass. (Absinthe is prepared by pouring the brilliant green liquid through a sugar cube resting on a slotted spoon like the one seen here.) Picasso spoke of his desire to explore different modes of representation: "I was interested in the relation between the real spoon and the modeled glass. In the way they clashed with each other."