©Pablo Picasso - Bottle, Guitar and Pipe 1912-1913

Violin, glass, pipe and inkwell 1912 Violin 1912 Woman sitting in an armchair 1912 Bottle, Guitar and Pipe 1912-1913 Au bon marche 1913 Bottle of black rum. Vive la France 1913 Bottle of Vieux Marc, Glass and Newspaper 1913
Bottle, Guitar and Pipe 1912-1913

Bottle, Guitar and Pipe 1912-1913
60x73cm oil/canvas
Museum Folkwang, Essen
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From Museum Folkwang, Essen:
Together with George Braque, from 1907 Picasso developed a new artistic style, one which art critics called Cubism, originally disparagingly. Their works from 1907 and after are often difficult to distinguish at first. Closer examination, however, shows that Braque worked more deliberately and analytically while Picasso was more temperamental and impulsive.
After Picasso had initially broken down objects into tiny parts around 1910, he began to assemble anew his motifs around 1912, influenced by collages that he doing around then. At the same time, he added to his palette - up to then dominated by the muted colors of gray, brown and white - the colors red, green and blue and so altered the coloring of the still lifes he produced in this period.