©Pablo Picasso - The Piano Accordionist 1911

Landscape at Ceret 1911 The chess 1911 The Mandolinist 1911 The Piano Accordionist 1911 The Poet 1911 Woman with guitar and piano 1911 Bottle, Glass, Fork 1911-1912
The Piano Accordionist 1911

The Piano Accordionist 1911
130x89cm oil/canvas
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation
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From The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation:
Cubism, which developed in the crucial years from 1907 to 1914, is widely regarded as the most innovative and influential artistic style of the 20th century. A decisive moment in its development occurred during the summer of 1911, when Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso painted side by side in Céret, in the French Pyrenees, each artist producing paintings that are difficult—sometimes virtually impossible—to distinguish from those of the other.