©Pablo Picasso - S.Junyer-Vidal with woman beside him 1903

Portrait of a tailor Soler 1903 Portrait of seniora Soler. Girl in a chemise 1903 Portrait of the Artist 1903 S. Junyer-Vidal with woman beside him 1903 Seated female nude 1903 Seated woman on a striped floor 1903 Sebastia Junyer-Vidal as matador 1903
S.Junyer-Vidal with woman beside him 1903

S.Junyer-Vidal with woman beside him 1903
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Sebastian Junyent Sans (Barcelona, 1865-1908) was a painter and illustrator being modernist Market was formed and became known for its carpets. Later he painted landscapes and genre. He was one of the most cultured painters of his time, but just never found his style, ranging between realism and symbolism. He was also a designer of furniture, silverware, bindings, etc. He had his workshop located in Bonavista street, near where he lived with Gaspar Homar who maintain many contacts. Junyent there collaborated with on a regular basis and his brother Joseph Olegario Pey Farriol.