Claude Monet - Windmill at Zaandam 1871

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Claude Monet - Windmill at Zaandam 1871

Windmill at Zaandam 1871
50x75cm oil/canvas
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen
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From Sotheby's:
Monet depicts a windmill known as ‘Het Oosterkattegat’ which stood on the outskirts of the Zuiddijk in Zaandam . Looking north toward the town, the bell tower of the Oosterzijderkerk can be seen in the distance. The Monet family lived in Zaandam for four months over the summer of 1871. Zaandam was famous for its many mills which performed myriad functions: crushing, pumping, sawing and turning every conceivable material. Appropriately ‘Het Oosterkattegat’ was used to grind pigments. Whilst Monet's wife Camille gave French conversation lessons to the wealthy Van der Stadt family, her husband concentrated on his art. Relatively free of financial worries because of a small inheritance from his late father, Monet produced a number of pictures of the town and its environs in a boldly inventive style. Monet wrote to his friend Camille Pissarro on 2nd June: ‘Zaandam is particularly remarkable and there is enough to paint there for a lifetime’, and again on the 17th: ‘It is marvellous for painting here; there is everything you can find de plus amusant. Houses of all colours, hundreds of windmills and ravishing boats […] and with all this very fine weather, so that already I have several canvases on the go’ (quoted in Monet in Holland (exhibition catalogue), op. cit., p. 99).