Henri Matisse - Moorish Screen 1921

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Moorish Screen 1921

Moorish Screen 1921
91x74cm oil/canvas
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA, USA

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From Philadelphia Museum of Art:
Henri Matisse painted The Moorish Screen shortly after he moved to a third-floor apartment at 1, Place Charles-Félix in Nice, France, in the fall of 1921. The two fashionably dressed young women, who can be identified as the artist's daughter Marguerite and his favorite model Henriette Darricarrère, are contrasted with the iridescent blue and green latticed moucharabieh (Moorish screen), which divided the studio into two large rooms. A bedroom with floral patterned wallpaper is visible in the background, while in the sitting room Darricarrère is shown seated in an armchair, seemingly in conversation with Marguerite, who leans casually on the mantelpiece.