Édouard Manet - Fishing 1863

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Fishing 1863

Fishing 1863
76x123cm oil/canvas
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

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From Metropolitan Museum of Art:
Patterned after elements in landscapes by Peter Paul Rubens, the present painting gives currency to Delacroix's recommendation to Manet: "Look at Rubens, draw inspiration from Rubens, copy Rubens. Rubens was God." Manet and his future wife, Suzanne Leenhoff, are the couple at lower right dressed in seventeenth-century costume and posed like Rubens and his wife in the Flemish painter's Park of the Château de Steen (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna). As Manet had concealed his relationship with Suzanne from his father, who died in September 1862, it is likely that Fishing—a variation on a wedding portrait—was made between then and their marriage in October 1863.