Édouard Manet - Lilac and roses 1883

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Lilac and roses 1883

Lilac and roses 1883
55x46cm oil/canvas
Dallas Museum of Art

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From Dallas Museum of Art:
Manet spent the last two years of his life in a painful convalescence, worn down by the debilitating effects of various physical ailments. His major achievement of those years was "The Bar at the Folies-Bergere" (1881-1882, Courtauld Institute, London), which is arguably his masterpiece. He also painted a wonderful group of garden landscapes at a rented summer home in Rueil as well as a superb series of simple floral still lifes, now scattered in collections throughout the world. "Vase of White Lilacs and Roses" is among the freshest and finest of these paintings, all of which speak to the eloquence, refinement, and delicacy of Manet's aesthetic. Never do we have a hint of pain or suffering. Never are we allowed a glimpse of Manet's reflection in the glass vases, or a glance into the rooms in which he painted while enduring the physical sufferings of his last years. Instead, we see the purest of water, the freshest of flowers, and the most exquisitely transparent of glass vases.