Édouard Manet - Portrait of Lina Campineanu 1878

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Portrait of Lina Campineanu 1878

Portrait of Lina Campineanu 1878
55x46cm oil/canvas
William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art, Kansas City

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From The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art:
Édouard Manet French, 1832–1883 Portrait of Lise Campineanu, 1878 Oil on canvas Manet did not consider himself an Impressionist, nor did he exhibit with them, but he shared the group’s interest in modern subject matter and a freer application of paint and color. This portrait of Lise Campineanu was commissioned by her greatuncle Georges de Bellio, Manet’s personal physician who once owned Camille Pissarro’s Garden of Les Mathurins at Pontoise, exhibited nearby. Manet depicts Lise in a somewhat f lirtatious attitude, presenting her as a fashionable young lady complete with gold bracelet, fingerless gauntlets and bared shoulder.