Édouard Manet - The Masked Ball at the Opera 1873

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The Masked Ball at the Opera 1873

The Masked Ball at the Opera 1873
59x72cm oil/canvas
National Gallery of Art, Washingon, DC, USA

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From National Gallery of Art, Washingon:
Manet came from a well–to–do family, and this painting provides a glimpse of the sophisticated Parisian world he loved. He was uncomfortable in the countryside, preferring instead the finery of the city. These elegant men and coquettish young women are attending a masked ball held each year during Lent. "Imagine," ran a description in the newspaper Figaro, "the opera house packed to the rafters, the boxes furnished out with all the pretty showgirls of Paris. . . . " There is little doubt about the risqué nature of the evening, where masked young women, likely respectable ladies concealing their identities, scantily clad members of the Parisian demimonde, and well–dressed young men all mingle together.