Édouard Manet - The Bay of Arcachon 1871

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The Bay of Arcachon 1871

The Bay of Arcachon 1871
35x55cm oil/canvas
Sammlung E.G.Bührle Switzerland Zurich

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From Sammlung E.G.Bührle Switzerland:
From Oloron-Sainte-Marie Manet proceeds with his family, at the end of February 1871, via Bordeaux, where he paints the harbour, to Arcachon. Here Manet rents for March the Villa Servanti on the Bay, the windows giving on to the sea providing excellent opportunities for the painter. This is clear from a water-colour done here showing the artist’s wife and her son in a room, with a view through an open window on to the bay, and this view also proves that "The Bassin d’Arcachon" must have been painted from here or in the immediate vicinity of the Villa.