Gustav Klimt - Sonja Knips 1898

Painted composition draft Jusisprudenz 1898 Portrait of Helene Klimt 1898 Poster for the First Art Exhibition of the Secession 1898 Sonja Knips 1898 After the Rain. Garden with Chickens in St. Agatha 1899 Girl with Long Hair, with a sketch for 'Nude Veritas 1899 Nuda Veritas 1899
Sonja Knips 1898

Sonja Knips 1898
141x141cm oil/canvas
Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna, Austria

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Baroness Sonja Knips was the wife of industrial magnate Anton Knips. For Knips, the highlight of the year 1898 may have been her introduction to the architect Josef Hoffmann - not the portrait we usually know her by. From its formation, Sonja Knips was an important patron of the Vienna Secession and of Josef Hoffmann, yet the lengthy entry in The Grove Dictionary of Art manages to dodge any mention of her role. All three - Klimt, Knips, and Hoffmann - shared a common aim: the acceptance of a new Viennese art.