Gustav Klimt - Blooming field 1907

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Blooming field 1907

Blooming field 1907
100x100cm oil/canvas
Carnegie Museum of Art Pittsburgh, PA, United States

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From Carnegie Museum of Art Pittsburgh:
For twenty years Gustav Klimt spent summers in the Austrian countryside, and the landscapes he painted there represent comparatively tranquil respites from the highly decorative, intensely erotic figural imagery of most of his work, painted in the extraordinarily sophisticated cultural world of Vienna at the end of the nineteenth century. Klimt began to paint landscapes in the late 1890s, and Orchard, like most of them, was made on a large square canvas, with an elevated viewpoint, a high horizon line, and no figures. The paint is applied in fine, discrete strokes; the large areas of grass, laid on in elongated parallel strokes, contrast with the lozenge-like strokes and blotches of flowers and foliage to create a beautifully patterned effect much like the simulated mosaic patterns of Klimt's portraits and figural allegories.