Artemisia Gentileschi - Danae 1612

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Artemisia Gentileschi - Danae 1612

Danae 1612
52x41cm oil/canvas
Saint Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, US
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From Saint Louis Art Museum:
This painting demonstrates Artemisia Gentileschi’s success in capturing tactile qualities. These include the golden strands of hair that caress the figure’s shoulder, the lush fabric of the bedcover, and the metal coins that fall upon bare flesh. Such sensuous effects are appropriate to the story of Danaë; a young woman who was confined to a chamber by her father to prevent her becoming pregnant. An oracle had predicted she would bear a son who would kill her own father. Jupiter, king of the gods, was able to thwart the plan by transforming himself into a golden rain to impregnate Danaë. Painted when Gentileschi was only nineteen years old, this picture reflects the skill, learned from her father Orazio, to paint subtle flesh tones and rich surface textures.