Paul Gauguin - Madame Roulin 1888

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Paul Gauguin - Madame Roulin 1888

Madame Roulin 1888
51x64cm oil/canvas
St. Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, MI, USA
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From St. Louis Art Museum :
Paul Gauguin produced this portrait during a tempestuous two months spent in the company of Vincent van Gogh at Arles in the south of France. The portly sitter was the local postman’s wife, and Gauguin focused on her ruddy complexion and reddish-brown hair. He has also painted areas of flat, abstracted color; the sitter’s form is strongly outlined in Prussian blue while a schematic version of one of the artist’s own pictures, Blue Trees, is visible on the wall behind.
A similar plot is the work of Vincent van Gogh on