Paul Gauguin - Street in Rouen 1884

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Paul Gauguin - Street in Rouen 1884

Street in Rouen 1884
73x92cm oil/canvas
Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection, Madrid, Spain
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From Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection:
Street in Rouen is one of the most ambitious — and largest —landscapes painted by Gauguin while living in this town in northeast France between January and November 1884. During this period, in which he ceased to be an amateur artist and began to devote himself fully to painting, Gauguin produced numerous landscapes and a few portraits and still-life pictures. Painted in an Impressionist style, with broken brushstrokes applied with very uniform touches, in which the influence of Cézanne and Pissarro is still apparent, it shows a solitary street in the outskirts of the town and not a purely country landscape as might seem at first sight. According to the recent catalogue raisonné by Daniel Wildenstein, the trees on the right of the composition could be identified as those of Rouen’s monumental cemetery located very close to the districts of Bihorel and Sapins , where the artist lived.
Paloma Alarcó