Eugène Delacroix - The Natchez 1836

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The Natchez 1836

The Natchez 1836
90x116cm oil/canvas
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, United States

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From Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York:
n 1823, Delacroix began to paint this scene from Chateaubriand’s widely read Romantic novel Atala, which narrates the fate of the Natchez tribe in the wake of the French and Indian War (1754–63). After putting the canvas aside for about a decade, he finally completed the picture for the Paris Salon of 1835. In the catalogue, Delacroix provided this explanatory note: "Fleeing the massacre of their tribe, two young savages traveled up the Mississippi River. During the voyage, the woman was taken by pain of labor. The moment is that when the father holds the newborn in his hands, and both regard him tenderly."