Paul Cézanne - Uncle Dominique as a lawyer 1866

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Uncle Dominique as a lawyer 1866

Uncle Dominique as a lawyer 1866
65x54cm oil/canvas
Private collection

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From Musee d'Orsay, Paris:
In November 1866, Valabrègue, a friend of Cézanne's from Aix en Provence, told Zola about the extraordinarily rapid way the young Paul was painting at this time: "I only posed [...] for one day. The uncle is usually the model. Every afternoon, another portrait appears".
Having moved to Aix at the end of the summer, Cézanne dedicated himself to his first genuine painting campaign. He put all his effort and enthusiasm into producing a collection of still lifes and portraits, ten of which featured his maternal uncle, the bailiff Dominique Aubert. The subject is portrayed from different angles, dressed as a monk, wearing a turban or even a cotton hat, without any indication of the deeper significance of these costumes.