Paul Cézanne -A close 1890

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A close 1890

A close 1890
61x52cm oil/canvas
Honolulu Academy of Arts, Honolulu, HL, USA

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From Honolulu Academy of Arts:
Paul Cézanne sought to delve beneath external appearances to express the essential order and stability of nature. In this painting of a thicket, he has carefully ordered his forms, building them into a structural whole by interweaving a limited palette-green, blue, violet, ochre, and tan-into a shimmering arrangement of parallel brushstrokes. Cézanne drew with color, creating movement and depth as tones advance and recede. Patches of sky are visible through the foliage, itself a magnificent tangle of opposing triangles that exemplifies the dynamics of Cézanne's compositions. Un Clos brings the viewer into contact with the artist's mind, providing inspiration as well as instruction.