Mary Cassatt - Caresse Maternelle 1902

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Mary Cassatt - Caresse Maternelle 1902

Caresse Maternelle 1902
92x73cm oil on canvas
Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Boston, United States
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From Museum of Fine Arts Boston:
In 'Caresse Maternelle,' Cassatt’s models are tightly entwined, and their poses seem entirely natural. In what seems to be a spontaneous expression of affection, the little girl kneels in the mother’s lap and hugs her around her neck. Their cheek-to-cheek embrace completes the image of tender intimacy. Cassatt used long brushstrokes to render the dresses of mother and daughter, and the softness of the fabric augments the sweet feminine atmosphere. Although Cassatt was never married and had no children of her own, she had a remarkable ability to portray the special love between mother and child.