Louis Anquetin - Woman with Umbrella 1891

In the Street 1891 Portrait of a Woman, possibly Marguerite Dufay 1891 Reclining Woman 1891 Woman with Umbrella 1891 A Nude on Sofa 1892 Autoportrait à la pipe, self-portrait 1892 Portrait de Mathilde Richard 1892
Woman with Umbrella 1891

Woman with Umbrella 1891
90x73cm oil/canvas
Private collection

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From Sotheby’s:
During his frenetic career, Anquetin's work evolved through a range of different influences and styles, ranging from Degas to Japanese prints, and also the Impressionists. The present work, dating from 1891, belongs to the period in which, encouraged by Emile Bernard, Anquetin turned away from his brief experiment with neo-impressionism, and started to develop a painting style that used flat regions of colour and thick, black contour outlines. This new artistic style was an expression of many of the ideas being expounded by the literary symbolists, who frequented the same cafés and engaged in passionate debates with the artists of Anquetin's circle.