Johannes Vermeer - The Art of Painting 1666-1668

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Johannes Vermeer - The Art of Painting 1666-1668

The Art of Painting 1666-1668
130x110cm oil/canvas
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria
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The painting depicts an artist painting a woman dressed in blue posing as a model in his studio. The subject is standing by a window and a large map of the Low Countries hangs on the wall behind. It is signed to the right of the girl "I [Oannes] Ver. Meer", but not dated. Most experts assume it was executed sometime between 1665/1668, but some suggest the work could have been created as late as 1670ā€“1675.
In 1663 Vermeer had been visited by Balthasar de Monconys, but had no painting to show, so it was possibly done "in order to have an outstanding specimen of his art in his studio." Vermeer obviously liked the painting; he never sold it during his lifetime. According to Alpers "it stands as a kind of summary and assessment of what has been done.