Vincent van Gogh - Fishing in the Spring 1887

The Banks of the Seine with Boats 1887 Edge of a Wheatfield with Poppies 1887 Entrance to the Voyer-d'Argenson Park at Asnieres 1887 Fishing in the Spring 1887 Lane in Voyer d'Argenson Park at Asnieres 1887 On the Outskirts of Paris 1887 A Pair of Shoes 1887
Fishing in the Spring 1887

Fishing in the Spring 1887
50x60cm oil/canvas
Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago

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From the Art Institute of Chicago :
In technique, Fishing in Spring is a testament to Vincent van Gogh’s friendship with Paul Signac. Van Gogh had seen works by Signac and Georges Seurat in the spring of 1886 at the final Impressionist exhibition. Signac was an eloquent spokesman for Seurat’s pioneering Neo-Impressionism, explaining it as a natural development of Impressionism. Under Signac’s influence, Van Gogh’s palette brightened, his brushstrokes became more varied, and his subject matter expanded. The setting of this work is the Seine River at the Pont de Clichy, near Asnières, where Van Gogh and Signac painted together on several occasions.