Henri Matisse - The Goldfish Bowl 1921

Young Girl with the Vase of Flowers or Pink Nude 1921 Girl by a Window 1921 Interior at Nice 1921 The Goldfish Bowl 1921 Portrait of his daughter Margaret 1921 Figure in Scutari Carpet 1922 Flowers in front of a Window 1922
The Goldfish Bowl 1921

The Goldfish Bowl 1921
54x65cm oil/canvas
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

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From Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York:
The walls of Matisse's third-floor apartment at 1, place Félix in Nice were covered with the patterned wallpaper seen in the background of this still life. (The same wallpaper is also visible in Three O'Clock Sitting). The artist is particularly interested in the role of sunlight as it streams in from the unseen window at right. In some areas, the light seems to dissolve the glass objects on the table. Elsewhere Matisse is more interested in refraction; he takes pains to convey the distortion of the wallpaper pattern as seen through the pale green liquid in the bottle at left.