Henri Matisse - Study for 'Luxury, Serenity and Pleasure' 1905

Place des Lices, St. Tropez 1904 The Terrace, St. Tropez 1904 Chapel of Saint Joseph, Saint-Tropez 1904 Luxury, Serenity and Pleasure 1905 Still Life 1904 Collioure Interior 1905 Interior with a Girl Reading 1905
Luxury, Serenity and Pleasure 1905

Study for 'Luxury, Serenity and Pleasure' 1905
32x40cm oil/canvas
Museum of Modern Art, New York, United States

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From Museum of Modern Art New York:
Matisse painted this oil sketch in the summer of 1904, while working alongside fellow artist Paul Signac on the French Riviera, and he completed the final painting (now at the Musée d'Orsay, Paris) the following winter. Both Signac and Matisse were influenced by the elder painter Paul Cézanne, whose discrete strokes of color emphasized the materiality of the painted surface over naturalistic illusion. But Matisse went further, using a palette of pure, high-pitched colors (blue, green, yellow, and orange) to render the landscape, and outlining the figures in blue. The painting takes its title from a line by the nineteenth-century poet Charles Baudelaire and shares the poems subject of an escape to an imaginary, tranquil refuge.