Édouard Manet - The Garden at Bellevue 1880

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The Garden at Bellevue 1880

The Garden at Bellevue 1880
91x70cm oil/canvas
Collection fondation E.G. Bührle

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From Collection fondation E.G. Bührle:
It can be considered quite an achievement on Emil Bührle's part that very different aspects of the rich and varied oeuvre of Edouard Manet are represented in his collection. Manet's work combines traditional figurative painting in the studio with new, impressionist leanings, and as early as 1900 he was thought by many to be one of the most important artists of his time. His paintings were purchased by museums throughout Europe and the United States at a correspondingly early date, so fewer and fewer significant works remained on the open market. One of the latter is this scene in the garden of a villa near Paris, where Manet used to spend the summer months. Produced three years before the artist's death, it shows the mastery with which he had made the technique of plein air painting his own – not least through intensive study of the new ground broken by his younger friend, Claude Monet. In the purest Impressionist manner, the images of the house, the foliage and the figure are merged into a shimmering juxtaposition of sketchy brushstrokes, in which everything is transmuted into pure colour.