Édouard Manet - Madame Manet in conservatory 1879

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Madame Manet in conservatory 1879

Madame Manet in conservatory 1879
86x100cm oil/canvas
Nasjonalgalleriet, Oslo, Norway

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From Nasjonalgalleriet, Oslo:
In 1879 Édouard Manet rented a studio from the Swedish painter Georg von Rosen in Paris, from where he had access to a winter garden. Filled with palm trees and exotic plants, such gardens were the latest rage and allowed visitors to relax and engage in quiet conversations. In short, they were the perfect setting for Parisian elegance and la vie moderne.Manet painted one of his most famous pictures here, In the Winter Garden,with Monsieur and Madame Guillemet as his models. The painting was shown at the Salon the same year, and was the first of his pictures to be acquired by a museum, namely Berlin’s Nationalgalerie in 1896.