Paul Gauguin - Breton Boys Wrestling 1888

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Paul Gauguin - Breton Boys Wrestling 1888

Breton Boys Wrestling 1888
92x73cm oil/canvas
Private Collection
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Paul Gauguin Letter to Vincent van Gogh. Pont-Aven, on or about Sunday, 22 July 1888.
My dear Vincent
I’ve just read your interesting letter and I entirely agree with you on the slight importance that accuracy contributes to art.
Art is an abstraction; unfortunately we’re becoming increasingly misunderstood. I would very much like it if we were to achieve our aims, that is, my coming to Provence. I’ve always had an itch to interpret bullfights in my own way, as I understand them. I’m beginning to recover the full use of my faculties: my illness had weakened me, and in my most recent studies I have, I think, gone beyond what I’ve been doing up to now. Of course, the collection of boors around here think I’m completely mad and I’m happy about that, because it proves to me that I’m not. I’ve just finished a Breton wrestling that I’m sure you’ll like.
Two kids, one pair of blue trunks and one pair of vermilion. One at top right, coming up out of the water.
A green lawn – pure Veronese shading off into chrome yellow with no execution, like Japanese prints.
At the top a cascade of foaming water, white pink, and a rainbow on the edge near the frame.
At the bottom a white patch, a black hat and blue smock.