Mary Cassatt - In the Garden 1903-1904

Mary Cassatt - Simone in Plumed Hat 1903 Mary Cassatt - Simone in White Bonnet Seated with Clasped Hands (no.1) 1903 Mary Cassatt - Tête d’enfant au chapeau rouge 1903 Mary Cassatt - In the Garden 1903-1904 Mary Cassatt - Child with Red Hat 1904 Mary Cassatt - Dorothy in a Very Large Bonnet and a Dark Coat 1904 Mary Cassatt - Head of Simone in a Green Bonnet with Wavy Brim (No. 2) 1904
Mary Cassatt - In the Garden 1903-1904

In the Garden 1903-1904
67x82cm oil on canvas
Detroit Institute of the Arts, Detroit, United States
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From Detroit Institute of the Arts:
In the Garden belongs to a group of pastels, drawings, and paintings done after 1900 and based upon children living in the village near the artist’s home in France. Cassatt’s practice with these child models was to use them again and again so they became accustomed to her and the demands of posing. The composition has several features common to impressionism: the high vantage point, the extension of the ground almost to the top of the canvas, the placement of the cropped figures in the immediate foreground, and the bold juxtaposition of the figures and the background.