Mary Cassatt - Mother and Child 1900

Mary Cassatt - Jules Being Dried by His Mother 1900 Mary Cassatt - Louisine Peters 1900 Mary Cassatt - Mother and Child 1900 Mary Cassatt - Mother and Child 1900 Mary Cassatt - Mother Berthe Holding Her Baby 1900 Mary Cassatt - Mother Rose Nursing Her Child 1900 Mary Cassatt - Spring. Margot Standing in a Garden 1900
Mary Cassatt - Mother and Child 1900

Mother and Child 1900
71x58cm pastel on blue-gray wove paper (faded to tan), mounted on board
Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, US
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From Art Institute of Chicago:
As views of childhood changed, so did ideas about the roles of mothers. Women of the upper class were encouraged to be more active in the daily lives of their children, and works in this gallery illustrate such activities as bathing, nursing, and soothing. The common use of wet nurses was increasingly discouraged, not only by male philosophers and medical doctors, but also by an emerging feminist movement. As with today’s breastfeeding advocacy, mothers in the 19th century were taught the benefits of nursing, both in terms of public health but also as a means of fostering healthy emotional and physical bonds with their children. Works in this gallery by Mary Cassatt, Lovis Corinth, Helen Hyde, and Édouard Jean Vuillard, among others, celebrate tender interactions between mothers and their young children. — Exhibition text panel, Undressed: The Fashion of Privacy, June 22–September 29, 2013, Galleries 124–127.