Caravaggio - Basket of Fruit 1596

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Caravaggio - Basket of Fruit 1596

Basket of Fruit 1596
46x64cm oil/canvas
Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan, Italy
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This “incomparable” basket, probably painted over a number of days, has a weathered familiarity, its ripened contents settled, its branches jutting stiffly out the edge. Though representing tradition and plentitude, the fruit is past its prime. Only the tart quince seems to be holding firm. Soft and lusterless, the apple is pockmarked and flawed. The grapes hang heavy, their translucent skin spotted and brown against the plump figs. The leaves, colors fading, edges curling and snarled, are brittle and crinkly. Yet, against an abstract backdrop of brilliant gold leaf, this laden basket exudes comfortable elegance, tangible beauty, graceful maturity.