Caravaggio - Boy Peeling Fruit 1592

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Caravaggio - Boy Peeling Fruit 1592

Boy Peeling Fruit 1592
61x48cm oil/canvas
Royal Collection Trust, Buckingham Palace, London, United Kingdom
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From Royal Collection Trust:
There are a handful of references in contemporary sources to this composition, which dates from Caravaggio's early struggling years in Rome. One of the first paintings mentioned in Mancini's biography is a 'boy peeling a pear with a knife' (in later editions the fruit becomes an apple). There is also a record of an unattributed painting of a 'young boy seated at a table with an apple in his hand' confiscated in 1607 from Cavaliere d'Arpino's studio and given by Pope Paul V to his nephew, Cardinal Scipione Borghese. This painting does not appear in the 1693 inventory of the Borghese collection. A letter of the 16 August 1608 from Lorenzo Sarego in Perugia to Cardinal Scipione Borghese mentions a half-length painting of a boy peeling a peach by Caravaggio, which had turned up in the estate of the Perugian collector Cesare Crispolti. From these records it appears either that Caravaggio painted several versions of this composition or others, perhaps from within his circle, made copies or variants of them.